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Paul & Melissa

We are the Property Developers who Renovate and Transform homes to their beauty, inspired to find the best use of the property for YOU!

We pioneer fun, creative, and beautiful ways to produce successful and exciting results with all or our projects, and for all of our clients.  We design, renovate, and add value to homes.

We enjoy being around real authentic people, and integrity and trust is important to us when working with clients and our team of professionals.  Whether this is for you to live in as your home, an investment, or adding value before selling, we are property developers who enjoy helping people, finding a Win-Win solution.

This is our inspiration, our passion, and our focus, so if you’re interested in working with us and don’t have the knowledge or skills, that’s OK!  We can guide you through every step using our expert team of professionals.

If you want to increase the value of your property but don’t have the time, knowledge/skillset, or money, then we can do the work for you!

If you don’t have the funds to renovate, we may be able to assist you?  Contact us to find out more and ensure your needs fit with our services (Seller Joint Venture).

We have the Knowledge and Skills, Time, and the PASSION to Transform your property.

Melissa McFarlane

Melissa has a fun and creative flair for transforming homes through renovation and value adding strategies.  Melissa is completely inspired and excited by the end result, but more importantly from the happiness and freedom that this makes for her clients.  Whether this is a beautiful home to live in, an investment property, or adding value to your property before selling, Melissa is always looking for the best use of the property.

Melissa has worked with property developers, investors, and agents for over twelve years, always focussed on assisting people to achieve what they want.  In previous roles Melissa has coordinated small to large scale projects, including rooming house development and management, student accommodation, cosmetic and structural renovation, and staging for sale.  Melissa has a diverse skillset and knowledge base around property development strategies and processes, project management, and works with an amazing team of professionals across QLD.

This is Easy, This is Fun, this is Complete Property Transformation!


Paul Enders

Paul is a truly amazing visionary who is able to come up with innovative ideas to create Complete Property Transformations for all of his clients.  Paul is most passionate about ensuring quality service and craftmanship and seeing his clients smile!

Paul offers a hands-on approach with his breadth of skills while also project managing his team of trades.  Paul provides expert advice and prides himself on ensuring effective communication, and is passionate about making a difference to the lives of his clients.

Paul has over 20 years’ experience designing, developing, and coordinating renovation and new build projects.  This includes design and installation of kitchens, bathrooms, decking, retaining walls, pergolas, carports, brickwork, concreting, landscaping, and backyard makeovers.  Paul has also solely designed and built a beautiful, creative, and unique energy efficient off-grid home.

Paul is super-excited about his inspirational and creative designs, and always impressed with the end result.  A visionary who can see the finished product before he starts ~ this is true manifestation!