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Client Services

We have your best interest at heart!  We work with Property Owners, Sellers, Agents, and Joint Venture Partners to create beautiful properties tailored to market needs, and what Buyers want.

We communicate with property owners on what Buyers are looking for, and assist to meet these needs through property development and renovation strategies.  We make the process easy, through our streamlined Project Management Systems.

With our strong connections and partnerships on the Sunshine Coast, our team of professionals have the experience, knowledge, skills, and resources to Complete Property Transformations.  It is our passion to truly transform homes into beautiful living spaces for our clients to enjoy.

For Sellers

We offer a point of difference, empowering home owners and investors to achieve their best price on selling, while reducing days on market.

We truly transform houses into beautiful spaces, individualised to what home owners want, or tailored to what the market wants.

We assist Real Estate Agents by making properties beautiful and easy to sell, in line with market needs, increasing property prices, and increasing demand in your location.


Do you have a home or property you want to sell, and want to achieve maximum sell price?  We offer Seller Joint Ventures, adding value to the property through renovation or additions.

  • Can I renovate without my own money down?  (YES – Seller Joint Venture)
  • Would you like to sell your home for a much higher price than what your appraisal states?  And also sell more quickly?
  • Would you like to truly transform your home into your ideal living space?
  • Would you like to create equity in your home?  And, learn how to use this equity for investment?
  • Would you like a new kitchen, bathroom, deck, outdoor landscapes, and more?

We can work with you to design and construct what you want!

For Agents

We ensure the best price for the seller, therefore increasing agent commissions, and reducing days on market.  We care about our clients and look for agents to work with who align with our values, who are passionate about assisting sellers and buyers, delivering a quality product to the market which buyers want.

We work closely with specialist Real Estate Agents who understand what we do, collaborating closely to ensure the best outcome for all parties.

We provide community connection through working collaboratively with trades, councils, town planners, property lawyers, accountants, solicitors, and a community of property developers.

For Buyers

We can put you in contact with a Buyer’s Agent through our many community connections. 

A Buyer’s Agent has your best interest at heart and will use systems and tools for which the general public don’t have access, to source the best property for you. 

Buyer’s Agents understand the sales strategy, the market, and how best to secure the deal.

Joint Venture Partners

We create opportunities for people to work on a Joint Venture, working together on a Property Project.  This could include a Joint Venture for renovation or subdivision, and can be as a Project Management Partner, Knowledge Partner, Money Partner, and/or Serviceability Partner.

We are property development specialists who have the knowledge, skill, and experience to find a property deal, present the deal, project manage the deal, and deliver the deal as proposed.

If you’re missing one of the crucial elements to development (Knowledge, Equity, Serviceability, Time, Project Management) then contact us to discuss a potential Joint Venture.

“We know the market and we listen to what YOU want!  We deliver quality results and aim for a win-win outcome! “

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